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Affordable Flatbed Towing in West Orange

Flatbed tow trucks are safe and convenient vehicles that make it effortless to pick up and drop off cars. The flat bed trucks at our tow truck company are big enough to tow light, medium, and oversized vehicles. There is practically no danger of a car receiving damage when we tow it since our skilled techs know what to do to protect your vehicle.

Tow Truck West Orange

Many vehicle types require a flatbed for towing services. All-wheel drive vehicles necessitate a flat bed. A customary tow truck with a hook still has two of the vehicle’s wheels on the ground in the towing process. Also, there are specific car manufacturers that advise customers who buy their cars to use a flatbed if towing is ever needed.
With a flatbed tow truck, there’s no danger of destroying your vehicle’s transmission or bumper. That is why it is the desired towing method for big cars like SUVs and trucks.


Our towing trucks use a hydraulic lift to get vehicles onto the flatbed and winches to fasten them securely. Heavy machinery might need to be pulled onto the flat bed. Our experienced drivers are adept at attaching all sorts of vehicles onto our flat bed trucks.
It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. You can always count on us for flat bed towing. We have staff members who answer the phones 24/7. You don’t ever have to wait to ask for towing service. We work diligently to be professional and courteous with every tow we perform. Our techs aid customers in transporting their vehicles all over with positive results.

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