Small & Medium Duty Towing

 The Best in West Orange for Small Towing

We’re a friendly and highly professional New Jersey towing company that serves West Orange and the surrounding areas including East Orange, Glen Ridge, Orange, Livingston, Montclair, Roseland, and many other Essex County communities.

Tow Truck West Orange

You can rely on us to tow your vehicle with care and confidence. Also, we offer a vast variety of small & medium duty towing services as well as roadside assistance.
Our wrecker drivers are always available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. They will assist you with all your light-duty towing needs.



Fishing Boats


Fort Lifts
Jet Skis
Small Construction Equipment
And More!

Medium Towing in West Orange

As a close-knit business that serves the West Orange area, we’re your trustworthy provider for medium duty towing. Our certified and licensed tow truck techs offer knowledgeable and quick medium duty tows 24/7/365. We employ extremely qualified wrecker operators with years of training and hands-on experience, not to mention many awards and certifications.
Medium Duty Tows Include:

·         Box Trucks
·         Work Trucks
·         Machinery and Equipment
·         Moving Vans
·         Step and Cube Vans
·         Trailers
·         Limos
·         Utility Trucks
·         RVs and Motor Homes
small & medium duty towing

​Most likely at some point in your life, you’re going to need a reliable tow company.
While cars are well-crafted machines, they don’t always work ideally. This is why having reliable roadside assistance & towing company in West Orange on hand is imperative. Don’t get stuck on the roadside, not knowing who to call. Just remember that we’re always available to assist.

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