These days, a driver’s license no longer guarantees a responsible driver. While this issue is manageable for drivers who operate their own vehicles, with tow trucks it’s a whole different story.
Tow truck drivers, or operators, handle all types of vehicles that are in need of a towing service. Regardless of the situation, a good tow operator knows that it is his job and responsibility to make sure that towed vehicles are handled with care, and are free of the potential damage that can be sustained during the course of towing.
There are a number of roadside assistance and 24-hour towing companies in New Jersey, unfortunately, not all of them can be relied on for this matter.
If you reside in the West Orange area, then Tow Truck West Orange has got you covered as the premiere West Orange towing company. We’re known for our experienced and consistently disciplined tow truck operators who act with premium quality and efficiency. However, if you’re not from the area, it pays to know how to distinguish a good tow truck driver from a bad one. 

To know that a tow truck driver is trustworthy, they must possess the following qualities:
1.      Passion
Generally, a person that is passionate about what they do usually finds it easy to ace their job performance. The same is true in driving. If a tow truck driver has a passion for driving, they’re likely a good driver. Though this work requires urgency, a passionate tow truck driver will not easily lose his sense of focus and patience, regardless of any hindrance. They will never cut corners or lose their cool on the road. 
2.      Defensive
Defensive driving protects the traveling community from the dangers and potentially fatal consequences of the road. Defensive drivers are best known for how they avoid accidents. If a tow truck driver practices defensive driving, the likelihood of accidents is significantly reduced along with insurance expenses.
3.      Patience
A good tow truck driver knows that racing or chasing other vehicles on the road never does any good. Whenever towing needs arise, make sure you call a tow company with only patient tow truck operators. Otherwise, your property might suffer the potential consequences.
4.      Knowledge and Skills

A good tow truck driver is armed with the knowledge and skills in maintaining a vehicle, as this plays a major role in ensuring a smooth drive. They value the importance of running a checkup at the start and do not let a night pass with minor issues left unfixed, as this can lead to further damage.
For reliable, premium quality towing solutions, call Tow Truck West Orange right away. We are a well-known road assistance and towing company in West Orange for a reason!