A wrecked silver sedan towed by a yellow flatbed tow truck after an accident

​You probably have come across different types of tow trucks varying in terms of looks in the streets you passed by with some of them having that “wrecker service” print on the body. But have you wondered what a wrecker service really is about?

What is a Wrecker Service?

Wrecker service is simply a term which describes the usage of towing vehicles in general by driving a “wrecker truck” – a specific type of tow truck designed for wrecking and removing busted and old, stuck vehicles from certain sites.

What situations necessitate a wrecker service?

While there are a number of situations where a wrecker service can help, most of the time, such services are availed for the following purposes:

·        Hauling away a wrecked car from an accident.
·        Removing junk cars off a garage or specific location.

This is true for vehicles which are no longer restorable and the owner does not have enough garage space to store it.

 Not all towing services are a “wrecker” service…

Basically, each type of tow truck is specifically designed for a specific purpose or service. For instance, a truck that is used for a repossession service is not the same with the truck that is used for wrecker service. There are also winch-styled two trucks which are used for vehicle owners whose cars were caught in a ditch after leaving the road.

Wrecker trucks, on the other hand, are specifically used for wrecker service and come convenient to rescue wrecked vehicles from severe road accidents especially when the vehicle can no longer be operated or removed from the accident spot.

Wrecker Trucks and their flexibility

The good thing about wrecker trucks is that they can also be of rescue to physically undamaged vehicles, i.e. if the issue is just a flat tire, gas outage, etc., a wrecker can surely help.

There are a lot of different types of recovery trucks available for every type of situation. However, more often than not, most towing West Orange, NJ companies specifically go for wrecker trucks for its versatility and ease of loading.

Majority of towing drivers, nonetheless, consider flatbed tow trucks as a good wrecker truck because it can tow all types of vehicles regardless of shape and size. The flatbed design incorporates a hydraulic lift system that can load even wrecked, immovable cars onto the truck.