Who Should You Call For Roadside Assistance?

As car owners, we all have those moments where our car battery decides to act up while we are in a hurry or we inadvertently ran over a sharp object which necessitates a tire change service, thereby interrupting our trip. These are just two of the many car issues we, owners, should be always prepared to face.

But what if car misfortunes strike up at the most unexpected time? Should we call our car insurance company right away for roadside assistance?

 As long as you are currently subscribed under a roadside assistance protection, calling the insurance company first is a great move. However, getting help from your insurance provider is not an absolute guarantee especially if your policy does not cover it. Although most insurance policies focus on vehicle protection, studies show that they cannot be relied on at all times. Or if they are reliable, you might end up having multiple claims at once which is downright costly.

As per the experts, you really need not have to all your insurance company at all times especially if only a minor service is needed. For instance, if you need a tow truck nearby or a small scuff, dealing with it upfront will less likely cost a lot.

There are also these insurance claim adjusters that may stick you with the bill if they find out that you are fond of having the company pay for something minor. People under this circumstance would often end up using their insurance instead as a means of concealing a potential issue from the eyes of the mechanics.  

The thing is, if the repair required is not too much to carry out, e.g. you simply need an out of gas service, a jumpstart service, or a flat tire service, you can always skip calling your insurance company. Sometimes, paying for these minute issues upfront is the easier way to go.

Another drawback to going directly through your insurance company is that they simply call the nearest tow  truck company. Most of the times, they would do as what you would do. The only benefit is that they may cover the bill, however, expect to wait nearly double or triple the time. When insurance companies pay for your towing service, they usually go through an approval process and most tow companies won’t service until they’re paid by the corporation. 

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