Having a motorcycle towing company that you can rely on at all times is imperative to your security and comfort on the road. To enjoy your motorcycle at its best and ensure that it performs at an optimum, keeping it in top condition is necessary.
If your motorcycle is well maintained, its chance of needing long-distance tow assistance in the near future decrease. Here’s an easy maintenance checklist to help you get started:
1.      Tire Pressure
A motorcycle heavily relies on proper tire pressure, therefore it’s vital that you understand the importance of proper tire pressure. If it’s too high or too low, your bike will be hard to maneuver or handle, and it can lead to premature tire wear, potentially causing a blowout.
If your tires are worn out, there’s a high chance you’ll be needing a motorcycle towing service. However, such a dreadful situation can be easily prevented if you check the pressure of your tires thoroughly before you takeoff.
2.      Owner’s Manual
It may appear that motorcycles are easy to maintain, but each bike varies from one another, emphasizing the importance of an in-depth understanding of how each must be maintained. More often than not, these details are indicated in the manual, i.e. the maintenance guidelines including the battery life, brakes, and oil changes. As long as these areas are being checked from time to time, then engine troubles or the need for a tow truck nearby can be reduced.
3.      Run a quick check-up.
Giving a walk around your bike before you start every trip is imperative. Running a quick check-up includes checking your bike’s exhaust, fluid levels, and seeing if everything looks or sounds normal. Don’t overlook the bearings and chains.
4.      Tire Repair Kit
Tire problems are one of the major motorcycle problems that may necessitate a call for motorcycle towing. A handy tire repair kit will help to avoid motorcycle towing. For instance, if a nail got stuck in your bike’s tread, your tire repair kit should perform temporary puncture repair. But if what caused your flat tire was road debris? In this case, you’ll need professional towing assistance.
Do not hesitate to give Tow Truck West Orange a ring right away for reliable and prompt towing service. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will come to your rescue in a matter of minutes. Your motorcycle is guaranteed safe in our hands.